Asian Countries Dominate Ping Pong

You would have discovered that the Asian countries totally dominated, if you followed any of the international table tennis competition. There is no ping pong competition they attend that they will not sweep all the metals at stake. It got to a point that the pattern of the rules guiding ping pong was modified after the Beijing 2008, just to stop China from dominating table tennis. According to that change, countries can just register 2 players into the singles events, making it not possible to have only one country on the final stage. China won gold, silver and bronze in the men and women table tennis event. Why is China so good at ping pong?

Here is why Asian countries dominate Ping Pong.

Intensive Training

The Asian table tennis team work very hard and this is why they keep dominating ping pong. They invest a large amount of quality and quantity practice. They always put in their best to make sure they trained very well to master the skills involved.

Early-specialization and Talent Discovery¬†

The children of the Asian countries are tested for sports skills at a very tender age. They are moved to specialist sports schools for ping pong from the age of 5, if they appear predominantly talented. Asian players can turn to permanent sportspeople and even drop out school completely, from as young as 12 years of age.

Enormous depth of talent:

The fact remains that there is a wide range of talents in Asia as far as ping pong is concerned. This depth of talent brings about an environment where nobody is secure. The top players don’t have the choice of taking things easy or the safety to understand that they will be chosen, irrespective of how they are playing currently. As a result, all players are competing to improve and do extremely well.

Individual practice partners

The players practice jointly in their teams, when it comes to national set-ups. In Asia, all the players have individual practice partners to work with, meaning that the players can spend the entire session working solely on areas that need improvement, rather than having to share exercises.

Ruthless Selection Systems:

When it comes to selecting players for their national team, Asian countries have a character for being completely ruthless. They go as far as using the young talents to replace the older players; if they are not performing.

Tactical and Psychological Support Staff

In order to improve their mental game, all the players will be assigned sport psychologists that will work with them to develop their mental game. The psychologists are table tennis professionals. This assists them in connecting their mental skills training program with strategic plans, making everything pertinent to ping pong.

The Asian Technique

In Asia countries, a mammoth importance is placed on learning the right technique. The young players will perform the same fundamental strokes many times, until they are nearly robotic. Although this could look boring, but the truth is that it is better to first put all the fundamentals in place.