The fact remains that that you have never seen the professionals in action, if your conception of badminton is a silence backyard sear game. Badminton players can work up quite a sweat, while it is definitely quieter than bowling and less violent than football. Badminton is a fun game and players with just a reasonable amount of skill can start playing the game for incredible health gains of a great cardiovascular workout and the social aspects of team play. The game of badminton is played using a shuttlecock aka bird or shuttle that is hit back and forth over a net by players making use of rackets.

Here is why badminton is more refined than you think.

  • Dressing the Aspect of the Game – When dressing for the game of badminton, you need to dress in a way that will allow you to move and lunge fast. As a result, wear loose-fitting comfortable attire. Make sure your clothing can absorb sweat as a way to protect yourself from all kinds of weather. As a rule of thumb, players must put on white but you can make this an alternative for your backyard game.
  • The Court and Equipment – There are a few things you will need to succeed in the game of badminton, along with the physical capability to swing a racket and run on the court. You need a badminton shuttlecock, racket, a net and court. If you so desire, you can play this game indoor. However, you will need a proper lighting and high ceiling to enable players see the shuttlecock sail through the air.
  • Playing Badminton – Badminton is a racket sport for 2 or 4 players, just like the game of tennis. While 2 people play a single set, 4 players take to the game in teams of 2 for doubles game. The aim of the game is to get to 21 points. Players score points when the shuttlecock is served successfully but not returned properly by the opponent. The first team to win 2 matches emerges as the winner of the game.
  • Tactics of the Game – Despite the fact that badminton is a superb game of physical and social conditioning, don’t allow it to deceive you. In the game of badminton, tactic is the key and needs constant planning and thinking. To be a good player, keep always keep your eyes on the whole court at all times as each shot of the shuttle has a purpose.
  •  Decision Making – This is your experience and ability to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent and discover an efficient counter strategy. You will get how your opponent operates if you concentrate and follow the trends of the game.
  • Each Experience is Valuable – As a matter of fact, your time is just too valuable to be wasted due to nonchalant attitude and poor practices due to poor attitude. Your good decision-decision making without concrete execution will make your decisions valueless.